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We are here for you 24/7

Those other adjuster schools teach out a hotel and they can disappear if something goes wrong. We have a brick and mortar building where you can always find us. We are here for you. 

We have connections to top insurance companies/firms

It's not only what you know but who you know. Let is help you in landing employment with IA firms and top insurance companies. 

Provide for your family!

This is the first step to the best days of your life. You are also making a trail for the rest of your family to prosper!. It begins with you registering and taking your adjuster certification class. From there the world is your oyster. You can make as much as 100k in a year. Don't let doubt stop you. You will succeed!! 

Family Business who has been in insurance for over 40 years

Learn from the best !! Register for only a 150 dollar deposit !!!

Invest in yourself! Change your  life by attending the Adjusters Academy. Are you looking for a new career? Do you want a second income? Become a state certified insurance adjuster!  You will take your test in four days. Classes are flexible to fit your needs. Learn a new trade. WE ARE SO CONFIDENT IN OUR SKILL LEVEL IN TEACHING INSURANCE WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL PASS THE LICENSING TEST!! 


Single Adjust Pre-Licensing course -  $325.00

We are the only school where payment plans are available!!

Class Schedule

The next class is Saturday July 28th. Only weekend classes are available at the moment. The class schedule is 

as following….. Saturday (7/28/18) 8am-5pm, Sunday (7/29/18) 8am-5pm, then the following (8/4/18) Saturday 8am-1pm then you are done! 

Job Placement

Putting you to work

You want to work. We want to put you to work. We will show you what you need to do to get employed as an adjuster from Day 1. Other schools will hand you your license and send you right out the door.  They will not help you in getting employment. We will work with you. We want you to succeed.  From resume building to telling you exactly what IA firms are looking for. We are here so you work. 

Class Testimonials

Real students who went though the program

Betty - The instructor was very knowledgable. I learned a lot and will be telling all my friends and family ! 

Cory - Glad I took the chance and went though the class. The trainer was very respectful and showed me a lot about insurance. I would do it again. 

Allen - The class was great! Very good school. The instructor knew a lot about insurance. 

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Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Change your life 

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Adjusters Academy

4230 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, Texas

(214) 254-0055


Monday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm

Friday : Construction 101 / Claims Mastery

Weekend classes available 

Saturday : 9am - 4pm

Sunday: 9am-4pm 

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